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Our Companies

Our Companies

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Aljar company for trade and industry uae
This company located in uae and specialized in industrial machinery that serve in special industries ex.
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Rabwa company for communications, renewl energy and contracts
A\  Communications sector : Electronic Industries, a leading company in the field of electronic industries (wired
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Mada AL Ajyal Trading & Contracting
    We believe Mada Al-Ajya l to be a special Group, a Group of people
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Delta integra company for heavy industries and electronics
  With headquarters in Basra         (IRAQ),                 (Corporate Office) in Dubai         (UAE),.. Delta Integra
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Shnawa trading company
Alrazaza water project This huge project serve   Karbala governorate and help the agriculture from groundwater and
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Almada company for import and export
AL-Mada for export and import is a Jordanian company was founded as a holding company in 2008,
Alrabie pulp industries
It’s the first pulp factory in Iraq , established in 2004 .at firt this project was
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Ongoing Works

Working Projects

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Our Team

Our Professionals

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Our Team
Our employees are highly skilled professional people . We are highly depend on our traditional trade behave depending on classical bazar behave and also we fellow the modern
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Our Team
We concern about local culture of the region that we have projucts in it and thus we insist on making local citizens participate in our project and develop