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A\  Communications sector :

  • Electronic Industries, a leading company in the field of electronic industries (wired and wireless instruments).
  • Training on the stages of producing printed circuits and designing them using computers.
  • Training on perforations and tests performed on them
  • Training on quality documentation
  • Training on calibration of signal sources and electronic measuring devices.
  • Training on modern equipment in card repair
  • Training on surface assembly lines, vertical and horizontal assembly lines, and related testing processes.
  • Training on electronic components assembly lines.
  • Training on television circuits and its assembly processes.
  • Theoretical and practical training in the field of computers and their programs.


In the field of providing a distinguished product to the customers, it manufactures the following:-

  • Manufacture of some typical products
  • Manufacture and design of electronic cards and repair of idle by reverse engineering
  • Production of single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuits
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance work for electronic and electrical systems
  • Manufacture and installation of lightning protection systems and grounding fixtures
  • Implementation of electronic archive systems
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of mobile signal blocker devices for important conference rooms
  • Environmental testing of devices

Computer assembly and maintenance

  • Design and manufacture of molds
  • CNC Machining Metal Welding Metal Sheet Forming
  • Water treatment and chemical analysis
  • Surface treatment (metal coating and paint – silkscreen printing)
  • Repair of electronic gauges
  • Tin soldering of electronic components

According to local and international specifications

In the field of research, the company does the following:

  • Cooperation in the field of industrial applied research
  • Management of electronic needs
  • Design and implementation of electronic circuits (Multi Layer)
  • Studying television circuits and methods of maintenance and repair
  • Detection and reporting of theft and verification of personalities and individuals
  • Designing programmed entry and exit systems



specializing in the manufacture of all electronic industries including devices and equipment.



. The development of products of a technological nature and high marketing capabilities based on the expected technological development


Updating production, quality and industrial safety development programs


. Updating programs to develop the company’s economic structures


Updating the Marketing Activity Development Program


. Updating the company’s technological capabilities development program with its human development program

Updating work style development programs with automated mechanization

B\ renewal energy

C\ Construction sector